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3 Scary Scary Stories from Crawfordsville to Indianapolis

In honor of  Halloween, here are some scary stories and sites around Central Indiana.

The Crawfordsville Monster

In 1891, a strange apparition terrorized the skies over Crawfordsville in Montgomery County. Described as a “great white shroud with propelling fins,” it scared the jeepers out of a couple of ice delivery men. The dimensions of this “apparition” were 18 feet long and 8 feet wide. It had no form, no visible head, but there was an eye, a flaming eye.

It moaned. No mouth could be seen, but still it wheezed. There was also an eerie flapping sound described as sounding like a flag whipping in the wind. Several eyewitnesses, including a Methodist minister and his wife, reported the phenomenon.

News traveled around the country quickly, alarming folks from Brooklyn to St. Louis. But what was this ghostlike amoeba that hovered in the lonely skies over Crawfordsville?

Find the answer and more about the Crawfordsville Monster here.

Whitcomb’s Library

After his death in 1852, former Indiana Gov. James Whitcomb, donated his large library to what is now DePauw University in Greencastle. Legend has it that Whitcomb’s ghost came with the library to protect it.

One scary tale tells of a student who checked out a The Poems of Ossian. That night in his room, he claimed the ghost of Whitcomb appeared at the foot of his bed demanding to know, “Ossian! Who stole the Ossian?!” The incident kept the student awake the rest of the night and he returned the book at the library’s opening the next morning.

You can read more about it here.

Central State Hospital: Indianapolis’ scariest site

Since the 1850s, Central State Hospital has been described as the “Hospital of the Insane.” That is always good fodder for scary stories. Shuttered in 1994, buildings remained on the campus for many years.

The Indiana Medical History Museum documents the history of the Pathology Lab of Central State. In an effort to understand the disease, the doctors would autopsy resident’s brain. To this day, the museum houses the brains with explanations of the causes of the mental diseases. You can check it out here.

It also widely suspected that many of the residents, poor and without family, were buried on the grounds, perhaps in the northwest corner behind the museum and where the Indianapolis Police Horse unit houses the horses.

Central State will always send shivers through its visitors.

Happy Halloween from Justin Dorsey Plumbing!

Guarantees and Warranties Give Peace of Mind

Plumbing can be difficult to fix. There can be more than one solution or a misdiagnosis can lead to problems continuing. Justin Dorsey Plumbing makes every effort to fix your problem on the first visit, but we make mistakes. We’re human and fallible.
That’s why we offer a six month warranty on all service calls. If your problem isn’t fixed on the first visit, we will come back and fix it.
Call our office at 800-242-2937 and ask about our six month warranty program. Before you get upset, give us a call. You’ll be glad you did.

If you’re not happy with your service, call us and give us a chance to make it right. We will answer your calls immediately. You can also email us at, with your complaint or issue and we will call you back.

Thanks for using Justin Dorsey Plumbing.

Johnson County Health gets a thumbs up from Justin!

Justin gives kudos to the Johnson County Health Department for insuring the public health while working with homeowners to reduce the burden on individual homeowners. We recently worked with Elizabeth in the Greenwood office. Our client needed to extensively renovate the septic system. The land that the house set on was too small to institute all of the public health recommendations for septic systems. The plans, which Elizabeth was required to approve, had to be modified to adapt to the homeowners current situation. Yet they also had to uphold the intention of these healthy rules. Elizabeth worked with our plans and made some great recommendations that allowed us to get the job complete and keep the homeowner from having to buy extra land.

Thanks to the Johnson County Health Department!

In plumbing and public health there are many hard choices to make. Especially when it comes to septic systems. There are many rules that have changed countless times over the years to keep the public safe from the hazards of raw sewage.

At Justin Dorsey Plumbing, we support keeping the public healthy. We see our job as a service and the warriors of that safety. We are on the front lines doing what it takes to make homeowners comfortable and keep them safe.

But changes to the rules don’t always jive with the time period many homes were built. Today’s public health requirements are difficult to follow because the land around the home doesn’t meet the standards. This is when these projects become very expensive. Any modifications to home septic systems (which really are mini wastewater treatment plants) must be approved by local health departments. These are the men and women who insure our safety from disease and unwanted bacteria.

The county health departments are responsible for the safety of the public, but sometimes the rules are too difficult to be followed because the houses were built years ago. Compromise is the best solution, while keeping the public safe and not condemning the home.

Henery Hawk says ‘Do I have to muss you up?’

Our technicians at Justin Dorsey Plumbing see all kinds of strange plumbing problems, but sometimes the problems have nothing to do with water.

Technician Paul Hangartner encountered one such problem on the road. After finishing up a call in Pittsboro, Paul was driving to his next call in Brownsburg. He spied a hawk on the road with prey in his beak. Paul tried to slow down the Justin Dorsey Plumbing truck in order to give the hawk time to fly away. Paul wasn’t sure, but he thought he hit the chicken hawk.

A few miles down the road, a homeowner flagged Paul down to indicate that the hawk was stuck in the grille of the truck. More importantly, the hawk was still alive. Paul stopped the truck, walked to the grille. The wing of the hawk had lodged in a crack in the truck. The crack was a result of the encounter with said hawk.

Paul bravely used his foot to brace the hawk and then removed the wing and quickly let him down on the ground. But not before the hawk gave a flappy thank you to his hero. See photos.

One of our technicians saved a hawk who had got his wing trapped in the grille of a Justin Dorsey Plumbing truck grille just east of Pittsboro.

One of our technicians saved a hawk who had got his wing trapped in the grille of a Justin Dorsey Plumbing truck grille just east of Pittsboro.


Tips for checking your pressure tank

If the pressure on your pressure tank isn’t set right, you may be causing your pump to run too often. You need to check the pressure tank at least once a year. It can save you money and preserve your pump. Justin shows you how.Plumbing Pressure You Tube Screen Shot