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Why we don’t give phone quotes

Many people call our office and ask what a particular “fix” will cost. They get annoyed when we can’t answer the question. Here’s why the dispatcher cannot answer your question.

Service techs are paid more than dispatchers. Dispatchers are not plumbers. Even our service techs are hesitant to give phone quotes for these reasons.

Scope of the problem – Without correctly diagnosing the problem, service techs cannot give an accurate quote. Once the tech has seen the problem and determined the correct solution or solution possibilities, then a accurate quote can be assessed. At Justin Dorsey Plumbing, we offer “up-front pricing.” This means that you will know what it will cost before we start the work. You may think the well pump has given up, when it could be a simple problem with the electrical box.

Location of the problem – Some problems require digging or need to have a water heater replaced in the basement or access to a tiny crawlspace. All these factors affect the price. Phone quotes unfortunately lock us into a price that customers will hold us to. We need to see where the problem is and how best to repair it taking into account the particulars of the environment.

Equipment or materials – In order for us to repair the problem correctly, our technicians must be able to see what materials were there before. For instance, if your home uses copper piping, you will likely be disappointed if we quote you a price for pex, which in most cases is less expensive.

In order to best fix your plumbing problem, please allow us to send a service tech to your home or business and get a correct diagnosis. In the end, we know you will be highly satisfied with our service and you will get our limited guarantee on our repairs.

Get peace of mind.

Call Justin Dorsey Plumbing at 888-242-2937 and let us handle your plumbing problem.

When the drain clogs…


If you have a clogged drain, sink, or toilet, that cannot be worked free with a plunger, then call one of the guys at Justin Dorsey Plumbing.


At JDP, we have a bevy of tools that can help fix your problem. Our techs can run a mechanical snake through your drain to unclog it. It’s best if you have a cleanout, or alternative access point, to your main drain line. We can install those too.


We can also send a jet-pressured stream of warm water down the drain line to loosen a clog.


If that doesn’t work, we can run a camera down the line to see the nature of the clog. During the drought a few years ago, trees and other shrubbery were literally dying of thirst. Clay tile is no match for the roots of a thirsty tree. If roots are you problem, we have a treatment that can clear your line that is much cheaper than digging it up and replacing pipe.


Drains get clogged from time to time. However, it is not recommended to pour drain cleaner down your drain. This could damage your pipes and make it dangerous for our techs to work with mechanical solutions. The caustic liquid just lies in front of the clog while our snake is trying to get to the clog. Often times this can lead to a real mess.


Next time you have a drain clog, call the professionals at Justin Dorsey Plumbing. Call Today, Fixed Today, is our motto. Call (888)242-2937 and discover the pride of professionals.