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Vacation: Water on or off? These tips can help







From a customer:

I am a long time customer with a question; When leaving for vacation should I turn off electric power supply for the well water pump, electric water heater, and turn off the valve for the main house water supply?

Thank you in advance.




Justin Dorsey reply:

Those are good questions.

There is no standard answer on this, as often, it depends on how long you are going to be gone, as well as possible weather conditions while gone.

Here is a way to look at it:

If you are going to be out less than a month, do not do anything, leave everything in normal service.  The reason is that when going through the shut down procedures and restart,  component failure can occur.  That would cost more to repair than the cost of operation for a month.  Simply turn the thermostat down on the water heater and the water conditioner into a vacation mode.

If gone more than a month, you might consider, turning power to the water heater off

If there is no vacation mode on water conditioning, unplug it and adjust to bypass. Turn power off to the pump and drain pressure to 0#psi.

Of course, when returning home you will have to remember everything needs to be put back into service. When you do, please remember this:

Do not turn water heater power on without first filling with water or you will burn out elements. 

This is not a exhaustive list, but just some ideas.  Hopefully this will help.


Justin Dorsey

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