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Training and continuing education a top priority for Justin Dorsey Plumbing

Of course, our technicians are licensed plumbers, but their training doesn’t stop there. Justin Dorsey Plumbing makes continuing education a top priority for its technicians.

In addition to on-the-job training, Justin Dorsey himself meets with the plumbing technicians for weekly Tuesday morning training sessions to talk about new products and plumbing techniques, general administrative updates and any other plumbing issues.

“Most of the time, I’ll lead these meetings, but, occasionally, I’ll have a guest speaker come in to provide important industry updates or discuss a new product,” said company owner Justin Dorsey. “I prioritize this time, because I know a well-trained plumber is going to be better equipped to solve a wide range of problems — making our customers that much happier.”

Jason, Adam and Troy participate in the weekly training session.

In 2012, Justin spoke on septic systems at the Indiana State Fair. There is plenty to know about septic systems and not understanding how it works and how to maintain it can cost you, literally, thousands of dollars.

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3 things to know before calling Justin Dorsey Plumbing

Besides quality work with a guarantee, here are some other things to know about Justin Dorsey Plumbing…

1. We are family owned. Justin has been plumbing since 1983 — first out of his home, then his barn and finally in our current building. In that time Justin has always maintained a hands-on approach. He is at the business every day. He is in constant contact with his service techs. If you have a complaint, Justin will likely handle it himself. Ask for the owner at any other plumbing company, and you will find that most are owned by corporations. Two of Justin’s three children work with him. His wife also manages the books. When you call Justin Dorsey Plumbing, you are getting a family business that believes in quality and standing behind their work.

2. Your price is per the job instead of the by the hour. We will confidently troubleshoot your problem and devise solutions. We will give you a price in advance of the work and before you give our tech the green light to fix it. You do not have to watch the clock tick away your savings. Per job pricing protects you from surprises. Justin also has techs available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is never a charge for overtime or weekends. Per job pricing extends to everyone at anytime.

3. The best technicians in the business. Our technicians are constantly polishing their skills. On-the-job training is augmented with a weekly Monday morning tech training session with Justin to talk about the week before, new products and any other plumbing matters. This meeting takes a chunk of time away from earnings, but Justin knows it is necessary to ensure the best quality service from the company that bears his name.

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Justin Dorsey has a tech training session every Monday morning. The service techs then apply that knowledge in the field or at your home.

Justin Dorsey has a tech training session every Monday morning. The service techs then apply that knowledge in the field or at your home.